Special Alloy Fabricators Ltd. was established in 1989 as a manufacturer of industrial valves. In addition, SAF is a custom steel fabricator of general industrial equipment in the light to medium size range. Our integrated machine shop and fabricating departments are capable of producing a diverse range of mechanical equipment, machinery, and steel structures to our customer's pre-engineered drawings and specifications. We work with carbon steel as well as a variety of exotic metals including the following :

    1.) STAINLESS STEELS  ( Grades 304;  316L;  317L;  310;  410 )

    2.) STAINLESS ALLOYS ( 254 SMO  and  Ferralium 255 )

    3.) NICKEL ALLOYS  ( Hastelloy C22 , C276,  and  Alloy 20 )

    4.) TITANIUM    ( Grade 2  and  Grade 5 )

Our products include the custom manufacture of  production equipment for various applications such as the pulp and paper industry, saw mills, railways, foundries, mining industry, and mechanical lifting equipment. Fabricated material handling equipment includes conveyors, feed tables, rollcases,  hoists,  and winches.  SAF has manufactured steel  plate chambers, doors, ductwork , and transitions. Other products include structural support steel and miscellaneous steel such as structural walkways, platforms, ladders, and handrails.     with your inquiries.

LIFTING CAPACITY  :  In our 20,000 square foot fabrication shop we have two 10-Ton overhead bridge cranes, other smaller bridge cranes,  column mounted jib cranes, and forklifts.

The following are example photographs of a few stainless steel custom fabricated products :

        Fabrication 001.jpg (59209 bytes)       Fabrication 004.jpg (53835 bytes)      Fabrication 003.jpg (52694 bytes)      Check Valves 002.jpg (58232 bytes)      Check Valves 004.jpg (60050 bytes)

        Wedge Gate Valves 004.jpg (56300 bytes)   Wedge Gate Valves 011.jpg (64842 bytes)   O-port Valves 003.jpg (61000 bytes)   O-port Valves 010.jpg (59055 bytes)    O-port Valves 009.jpg (56789 bytes)    Knife Gate Valves 003.jpg (52843 bytes)     Knife Gate Valves 005.jpg (43130 bytes)

Examples of  custom fabricated industrial mill equipment and machinery are as follows :

        Fabrication 021.jpg (67877 bytes)       Fabrication 023.jpg (68221 bytes)      Fabrication 020.jpg (64102 bytes)       Fabrication 019.jpg (57496 bytes)     Fabrication 034.jpg (56087 bytes)

Examples of custom fabricated chambers, ductwork & transitions, and support steel  are as follows :

        Fabrication 007.jpg (36397 bytes)       Fabrication 010.jpg (55941 bytes)       Fabrication 018.jpg (74001 bytes)       Fabrication 012.jpg (43880 bytes)     Fabrication 031.jpg (77809 bytes)

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