At Special Alloy Fabricators Ltd. our skilled machinists are an integral part of our manufacturing program. Many complex fabricated components require precision machining before final assembly of the finished products. In both  valve production and fabrication of industrial mill equipment, our machine shop serves an important function. We have extensive experience in working with various carbon steels, stainless steel alloys, nickel alloys, titanium, bronze or brass, aluminum, and many plastics.

Custom Machine Shop Service :  We welcome your requests for day to day jobbing shop service. Whether it is a single item or a short production run of new machined parts, we are interested to meet your requirements. Repair and rebuilding of parts may be possible when economically feasible.  with your price inquiries.

Machine Shop Equipment :    Vertical Boring Mills; up to 92" diameter swing

                                                 Engine Lathes, Milling Machines and Radial Arm Drilling Machines

General Machining : component parts and sub-assemblies such as shafts,  line shafts, pins, sleeves, bushings, hubs, rolls, wheels, sheaves, bearing housings, stems, pump impellors, marine propellers, gear housings, standard flanges, blind flanges, knife gate valves and associated parts, acme threading, drilling and tapping, etc.

Some examples of our machined products are shown in the following photographs :

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 Fabrication 002.jpg (34219 bytes)     O-port Valves 002.jpg (63765 bytes)         Machining 019.jpg (49812 bytes)     Machining 011.jpg (41451 bytes)      Machining 013.jpg (40045 bytes)

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